21 Nov

A staple for any museum and gallery is the clear display case with a timeless wooden base. The simple combination does wonders to elevate the look of the collection and space around it. Such a sophisticated display will always impress and draw attention. Give your own collection a sense of exclusivity and luxury with a custom display.

A long lasting product is a long lasting investment. Our designs offer thoughtful solutions to ensure that your display and your collection stays in prime condition. One notable protective design feature is the soft, velvety lined platform in the middle of the wood base. The soft texture provides a safe place for your displayed items to rest without any risk of scratching. This feature not only prevents your items but it protects the aesthetic of the display as well as it also prevents any scratching on the wood. 

The crystal clear acrylic display case rests over the velvety platform and onto the wood. Wouldn't the edged of the acrylic cause the scratched we are trying to prevent? Rest assured that it is highly unlikely. Each and every corner and edge of the acrylic display case is flame polished to a gorgeous shine. Not only does that process beautifully refract light, it also softens down the edges to a safe dull. It also smooths any texture so that instead of harshly moving against the wood, it harmlessly slides. However, thanks to the perfect measurements and the platform, you do not have to worry about the case completely sliding off.

Its those small details that make such a great difference. To help keep your entire display case in place, small rubber feet are attached to the corners. Such a small detail but incredibly effective! The rubber feet act like shoes and create enough traction to prevent any slipping and sliding on a majority of surfaces. 

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