Your #1 source for custom acrylic boxes and display cases at competitive prices! Perfect for retail, galleries, museums, and personal home collections. Make your display truly your own by using our UV Printing, Laser Cutting, and CNC services. Fast turn around times ensure quick delivery times. No minimums! Just click the button below to fill out a custom acrylic box/display case form or call us at:

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Products are usually manufactured the same day order is placed.*

Museum Quality Acrylic Boxes

Highlight your collection with our high quality, durable museum grade acrylic display boxes. Set up your displays at home, in your gallery show, for your new museum exhibit, and more! Our displays are completely transparent and distortion free, perfect for audience viewing.

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Custom Acrylic Displays Fabrication / Design

You can rely on us to bring your ideas to into reality! We have years of experience in custom display fabrication and we aim to exceed expectations. You have our team of seasoned designers and fabricators at your disposal to assist you with any questions and concerns.

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UV and Silk Acrylic Screen Printing

Learn about our different printing methods to find out which option is best for you and your project! Whichever method you decide, we guarantee a beautiful, clear, and long lasting image. You can print colorful illustrations, intricate designs, bold logos, simple and crisp text, and much, much more!

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Custom Laser / CNC Acrylic Cutting

Need a specific shape or an engraving? We offer two very popular options! Whether you are looking for simple shapes or need something more complex, it will be cut to perfection. This service is excellent for creating custom signage and decor for your business and home!

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Large UV Printing

Large UV printing to display stunning, eye catching detail in clear acrylic. With all that real estate, you can communicate all the important information for your products, services, mission, clubs, and more!

100% Competitive Pricing

As a reliable Manufacturing Company, we offer our Commercial and Private Customers affordable/Competitive pricing.

Fill out the short form for a fast quote on a custom display of your design. You can attach files of your drawings or renderings with dimensions and other details about your custom display. Please also include details such as production deadlines, project quantity, and any services your project may require such as UV printing, laser cutting, and heat forming.

Our custom design and production team has handled a wide range of different custom project throughout the years and have honed their skill into an art form. Utilizing the latest techniques and machinery allows our team execute the most intricate projects flawlessly and exceed our client's expectations.


Custom Clear Acrylic Cigar Display

A clear acrylic display is a fantastic way to showcase your products in a modern, sophisticated manner.

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Custom Translucent White Acrylic Skyscraper Light Fixture

The sky's the limit for custom acrylic fabrications!

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Shallow Fluorescent Orange Acrylic Tray

Opt for a bright, beautiful fluorescent acrylic for your next custom project.

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Clear Acrylic Display Case With Wall Mounted Black Acrylic Base

A modern and minimalist take on a wall display case! With sleek straight lines and flattering angles, your collection will look amazing and be protected from dust, bugs, and more! The only problem you'll have with this case is deciding what to display inside!

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UV Filtering Smoked Acrylic Display Case

Protect and preserve your collection pieces from harmful, damaging UV rays!

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Clear Acrylic Wall Mounted Display for Sports Memorabilia

Protect, preserve and display your prized sports memorabilia collection! A wall mounted acrylic display case is just what you need to highlight your pieces to your audience.

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Layered Acrylic Displays for Sports Memorabilia

Use multiple types of acrylic products into one display to truly create a one of a kind exhibit display.

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Clear Acrylic Box for Cabinet Display and Organization

Keep your items organized and easily accessible for your clients.

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Clear Acrylic Octagon Shaped Display Tray

Polygons: simple, classic, complex, and fabulous!

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Custom Clear Acrylic 4-Sided Display Case for Ship Model

Protect your collection pieces with a functional acrylic case that will display your piece proudly.

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Black Acrylic Pedestal Display

Treat your products like high end piece of art with one simple pedestal display.

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6-Sided Clear Museum Quality Acrylic Display Stand For Fine Art

Like an eternal block of ice that will make anything look exclusive.

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  For over 20 years, museums and private collectors have trusted MuseumBoxes to protect their collections, antiques, and other delicate artifacts with high quality acrylic boxes and display cases. All acrylic cases are made to order and to your specifications. Not only does MuseumBoxes specialize in museum quality acrylic boxes, but we also specialize in a wide variety of display boxes and cases such as cosmetics displays, ballot boxes, rotating displays, and more! We offer a grand variety of services such as UV printing, acrylic laser cutting, oven forming, and custom sized boxes!

Some examples, but not limited to, of our custom works:
  • Acrylic displays
  • Advertising displays
  • Plexiglass displays
  • Lucite displays
  • Brochure holders
  • Furniture
  • Custom signs
  • Awards
  • Frames
Some orders and prototypes can be produced in a matter of days not weeks.

Our team of seasoned custom acrylic designers can handle any project no matter the intricacy or quantity. If you need assistance with designing and material choice, you can rely on our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives to guide you. Rest assured that your custom acrylic product will be made to perfection with our high quality materials and tools and intense attention to detail. Your quote requests will be responded to promptly so as to save your time.

Ordering Process

1. Fax or e-mail your sketch to us. Be sure to include dimensions and quantities. If you do not have drawing and need help, you can call us and we can help you design what you are looking for. If you do make your own drawing, it should follow the example below.

2. If you sent an e-mail, you will be sent an e-mail confirming that we received your order request. We will notify you by phone or e-mail with a quote.

3. Next, if you approve our quote, you can contact us to place an order. After receiving all paperwork that is required, we will give you lead time on your order and start production on your order!

For further questions on our products or for a quote regarding an order you would like to place, please contact us!

Silkscreen/Full Color UV Printing
Add a personal touch to your custom work with your company logo!.
Ordering instructions:
1. E-mail us your art work. Our preferred programs are:
  • Illustrator - Mac/PC all versions through 11.0 CS (.ai or .eps)
  • Quark XPress - Mac/PC all versions through 6.0
  • Adobe Acrobat - PC all versions through 3.0 CS
  • Adobe Acrobat - Mac/PC* all versions through 7.01
  • PageMaker - PC all versions through 7.01
  • Photoshop - Mac/PC all versions through 8.0 CS (saved as Tiff or EPS format)
  • CorelDraw - PC all versions through 11
2. Colors: When assigning a color to art or text, please use a Pantone color or pms color code if matching is required.
3. Please specify if it is first surface or second surface.

With a business of over 20 years, you can be sure, that we will be able to help you!

Some orders and prototypes can be produced in a matter of days not weeks.

UV Printing / Silkscreen image
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You can create a custom 5-sided acrylic box or display case in any color and finish. Utilize our acrylic laser cutting, UV printing and CNC cutting to make your product one of a kind! Acrylic boxes and display cases can be used for home, retail, galleries, research facilities, factories, museums, and more!

Quote processing table below:

Indicate whether you are using inside or outside dimensions. Then, enter the length, width and height. Use decimals for fractional dimensions of length, width and height, eg. 12.375 inches.

* Finished product dimensions are +- 4mm. Exact dimensions are subject to project *

Quick quote processing:

Simple projects only will be processed on-line instantly in 24 hours or less by email. Other quotations may take longer.
E-mail quote calculator:
For rectangular or square acrylic display cases use this link to get a fast quote for your custom-made rectangular or square acrylic display case.
Fast quotes require:
Fill in the specification below and click for your fast quote for a rectangular or square acrylic case. For other custom-made acrylic display products, send your request to
Quantity discounts available:
Call us for your discount on 10 items or more.
Instructions to follow:
You must decide whether you want to use inside dimensions or outside dimensions.
  • If you are using inside dimensions, box will include thicknesses of the material used and be larger overall
  • If you are using outside dimensions, box will be exact size and smaller inside by the thicknesses of the material requested.
  1. Below, indicate whether you are providing inside or outside dimensions. Enter the dimensions for the box (length is distance from left to right, width is distance from front to back and height is distance from bottom to top). Please call or email with any questions.
  2. Specify if Mirrored back is required.
  3. Bases: Indicate what kind of base you want. You can choose "no base" or one of the listed bases.
  4. Thicknesses: Indicate the thickness you want.
  5. Enter the number of items you want in each size.
  6. E-mail us to get a fast quote for the specifications you have entered.