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Intubation Boxes, Acrylic Shields for stores, restaurants, airports. Expo displays, Museum Displays Covers, Merchandise Displays. We can make them ALL. Call for a quote or email us today. We here to assist you!

What do we do

Museum Quality Acrylic Boxes

Highlight your collection with our high quality, durable museum grade acrylic display boxes. Our displays are completely transparent and distortion free, perfect for audience viewing.

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Custom Acrylic Displays Fabrication / Design

Leave it to us to bring your ideas to into reality! We have years of experience in custom display fabrication and we aim to exceed expectations. We will make sure you get the perfect product.

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UV and Silk Acrylic Screen Printing

Learn about our different printing methods to find out which option is best for you and your project! Whichever method you decide, we guarantee a beautiful and clear image.

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Custom Laser / CNC Acrylic Cutting

Need a specific shape or an engraving? We offer two very popular options! Whether you are looking for simple shapes or need something more complex, it will be cut to perfection.

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Intubation Boxes

This box is to help in protecting Doctors, Nurses and Medical staff from aerosols. We can produce this box in any thickness or any size you may require.

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Sketch your design include Dimensions ( L x W x H ) Thickness and QTY

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Quote processing table below:

Indicate whether you are using inside or outside dimensions. Then, enter the length, width and height. Use decimals for fractional dimensions of length, width and height, eg. 12.375 inches.

* Finished product dimensions are +- 4mm. Exact dimensions are subject to project *

Quick quote processing:

Simple projects only will be processed on-line instantly in 24 hours or less by email. Other quotations may take longer.
E-mail quote calculator:
For rectangular or square acrylic display cases use this link to get a fast quote for your custom-made rectangular or square acrylic display case.
Fast quotes require:
Fill in the specification below and click for your fast quote for a rectangular or square acrylic case. For other custom-made acrylic display products, send your request to
Quantity discounts available:
Call us for your discount on 10 items or more.
Instructions to follow:
You must decide whether you want to use inside dimensions or outside dimensions.
  • If you are using inside dimensions, box will include thicknesses of the material used and be larger overall
  • If you are using outside dimensions, box will be exact size and smaller inside by the thicknesses of the material requested.
  1. Below, indicate whether you are providing inside or outside dimensions. Enter the dimensions for the box (length is distance from left to right, width is distance from front to back and height is distance from bottom to top). Please call or email with any questions.
  2. Specify if Mirrored back is required.
  3. Bases: Indicate what kind of base you want. You can choose "no base" or one of the listed bases.
  4. Thicknesses: Indicate the thickness you want.
  5. Enter the number of items you want in each size.
  6. E-mail us to get a fast quote for the specifications you have entered.



100% Competitive Pricing

As a reliable Manufacturing Company, we offer our Commercial and Private Customers affordable/Competative pricing.


Custom Clear Museum Quality Acrylic Display Cover

Get a cover that fits your display to finish the look!

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Custom Clear Acrylic Rodent Containment Maze Box W/ Ventilation Holes

Study your subject with absolute and unobstructed clarity with our custom acrylic rodent maze.

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Wall Mounted Clear and Black Museum Quality Acrylic Directory w/ UV Print

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Custom Clear Lucite Medical Spool

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