17 Jul

You can either display your collections to the open air, at the mercy of dust, bugs, and moisture or you can display them with a protective case that elevates your piece like fine art. The choice is easy! 

A simple clear acrylic display case is the answer to all displaying needs! The clear acrylic material is durable and perfectly transparent. A case can take many forms, from a simple 5-sided box to a wall mounted installation. 

This particular display case is 4-sided, leaving base open as well as the side flush against the wall. This design makes installation exceeding easy. Simply place your piece on a stable, flat surface and carefully place display case over. As previously stated, this display must be placed flush against the wall to completely enclose the piece inside. 

Clear acrylic is the perfect neutral, universally flattering to any space regardless of color scheme or decor theme. The lack of tint and saturation allows your piece to shine on it's own and for others to fuller observe every detail.

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