10 Sep

Table give a generous amount of space to work with and offer a homey feel to the space. This makes table top display covers particularly useful. Table to display also offer a bird's eye view of the subject displayed, making it an ideal choice for models, documents, artwork, and memorabilia. The crystal clear plexiglass allows for a crisp and clear view while offering protection from dust, bugs, water, heat, and UV rays, which all aids to preserving the items inside. Plexiglass is scratch resistant, sturdy and light weight, making it a preferred substitute to glass and giving you way more value over time. 

The specific display pictured comes with a wooden base to help both secure the items inside while blending making the visual transition from cover to table smooth and seamless. It also comes with a custom fabricated slanted acrylic insert to prop flatter items, such as cards or medals, up towards the viewer. This display will function well in libraries, museums, galleries, government buildings, and retail stores.

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