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Protect you artifacts, collections, and other items with a clear acrylic display case! It is simple but so effective to keep dust, moisture, bugs, and other little critters that may cause some damage. An added bonus is that it helps keep unwanted hands from touching your item, which can cause damage due to oils being transferred onto the displayed item. 

The clear acrylic still allows you and your audience to view the display perfectly, from any angle without distortion. In addition, it is also incredibly durable and easy to clean which helps to cut down on money for replacements and time spent cleaning.

Add a vibrant pop of color to your display to capture your audience attention in an instant! The fluorescent red display base glows beautifully in any light and can flatter your space. Think of the base as almost a spotlight for your displayed items. You can match your items and collections with the red base to further compliment your overall display.