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Elevate your collection pieces to new heights with a clear acrylic pedestal. The bright, fluorescent green adds a fun pop of color to your space. You can coordinate your displays with the pedestal's color to elevate your display's appearance.

 Don't let it's delicate appearance fool you, acrylic is an amazingly durable product. Shatter resistant and lightweight, you can easily maneuver the display pedestals from location to location without it being overly cumbersome. If they were to be accidentally dropped they are unlikely to break. In the unlikely event of the acrylic breaking it will break into large dull pieces that can be easily and safely cleaned up.

Pedestals aren't just to display your collection, but it also makes for excellent decor for events such as weddings, birthdays, baptisms, graduations, and more! The inside of the pedestal can be filled with flowers, balloons, lights, and glitter. Using lights in particular will create a fun, stunning color that will glow beautifully in your space.