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5-sided boxes are incredibly simple and versatile products. Clear acrylic boxes are not only simple yet versatile but also durable and effortlessly stylish! You could easily utilize this acrylic box to store products in your store for display or for inventory. Using multiple boxes will help you store a variety of objects in an organized manner. 

The hinged lid is excellent for storage purposes where you need items sealed away and protected from dust, moisture, and pests. The lid itself can also work as a display surface, maximizing the use of the display. The hinged lid makes it easy to access the products inside, making restocking or readjusting the display fast and hassle-free.

Not only are 5 sided boxes perfect for retail but they make for an excellent addition for museum and gallery exhibits. Acrylic offers the same optical clarity as glass without fragility or bothersome weight. This is an especially important feature for items on display, as you need the item to be visible to a sizable group of people at various angles. Its sturdiness and durability make for a reliable, long-lasting product that will stretch every dollar!