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Help limit the spread of germs and keep everyone safe with a clear acrylic protective shield. This cough and sneeze barrier will help limit the spread of germs in populated areas such as grocery stores, supermarkets, shops, lobbies, schools, clinics, hospitals, front desks, offices, and more!

The clear acrylic material allows your employees and guests to see and hear each other without spreading harmful germs through the air droplets produced from sneezing, coughing, or speaking. By ensuring your clients and workers can still clearly communicate, your business will continue to operate smoothly. In addition to preserving the workflow of your business, you are also demonstrating that the safety and health of your workers and clients are respected and of the utmost importance.

There is a laser-cut opening at the bottom of the acrylic shield to make transactions and the exchange of goods easy while still maintaining safety measures. Also at the very bottom of the shield are a total of 6 drill holes. With the drill holes, you can secure the shield onto the cashier station or where the shield is needed. The acrylic is rigid so that it will stay upright and not bend.

Fabricated with a crystal clear acrylic, our protective barrier gives you the perfect optical clarity of glass but with 10x the strength. This trait of the material will ensure the impressive longevity of your purchase. Acrylic is incredibly fast and easy to clean and disinfect. To clean, just use your preferred ammonia-free glass cleaner or a gentle soap on all the surfaces of the material with a non-abrasive microfibre cloth. For on-the-spot disinfecting, use any disinfecting solution with a microfibre cloth. Due to the lightweight material, you can easily maneuver throughout the day without exerting yourself.