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Our candy bins are made from top quality, thick and heavy duty acrylic. The crystal clear allows you to have a clear visual of the product stored inside. The clarity of the material also has the added benefit of making it incredibly easy to keep track of stock and when you need to refill. In addition, refilling is easy! With two lids on the bin, you can easily restock your product and your customers have easy access. When the bin lids are closed, they help to keep products fresh for longer than in an open bin. This is especially important for products that are not individually wrapped such as coffee beans, gummies, cookies, and other loose items.You can store all sorts of items in these incredibly practical acrylic bins. You can store candies, trinkets, toppings, coffee beans, cookies, and more! Perfect for candy shops, bakeries, ice cream parlors, hotels, buffets, convenient stores, frozen yogurt shops, and more! The acrylic candy bin comes with a matching clear plastic scoop that you can use to scoop out the products stored inside. This eliminates the potential germ contamination that can happen when bare hands are used. To neatly store away the scoop when not in use, the bin comes with a compartment to hold the scoop for your convenience.

Dimensions: 13.5" Depth x 7.75" Width x 10" High. Weight: 4.05 Ibs.