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Your hamster will be living large in their extra-large hamster enclosure!

Effortlessly classic, this habitat is made with clear acrylic, which is as clear as glass but 10x the strength and durability. Acrylic is also a very lightweight material, which will make it easy to move the cage without being awkward. The bottom tray is made from an opaque white acrylic tray that can be easily detached for cleaning. WARNING: the tray is NOT secured to the rest of the enclosure. When moving the habitat, please carry by the handle of the base tray. There is a lid at the top of the habitat that allows you to open it easily to either rearrange items, clean the space, or retrieve your hamster. Each wall is connected together by slots and pegs. To reinforce and stabilize the structure, zip ties are used throughout the top and corners of the cage.

This enclosure was fabricated with safety for your tiny friend as our top priority. There are ventilation holes throughout the enclosure to promote the constant circulation of fresh air. We are careful to make sure that these ventilation holes are just small enough to prevent an accidental escape. Ventilation holes can also be utilized to install water bottles! With safe and sturdy acrylic ladders, your hamster can travel around to different floors of the habitat. This is an excellent way to create an enriching, stimulating environment as well as encourage exercise. On different floors, you can place extra bedding, food, and toys for your hamster to enjoy! There are two laser-cut holes in place on the sides of the enclosure walls to install a wheel for running.


Interior Dimensions: 20"L x 14.5"W x 12"H

Material is 1/8" thick.