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Dimensions: 20 Cells (11"x18"x2")

Organize and display your Sonny Angels doll collection with our wall mountable acrylic display. You can place each doll in their own individual cells, keeping them nicely organized. Each cells is 4.25" tall, 2" wide, and 2" inches deep which will allow each doll and their assorted headgear and outfits to fit perfectly without being too spacious or too tight. Each cells is made with crystal clear acrylic that allows all of the dolls to be clearly visible.

Acrylic is an incredible material that is shatter resistant, easy to clean, and as clear as glass but lighter and safer. Each edge on the display is flame polished for a brilliant shine that softens the corners to prevent potential injury. These displays are perfect for any collector looking to organize and display their collection. As they are wall mountable, it will save you a lot of wall space and create an interesting decorative piece for your space. Acrylic is sleek and stylish while also being universally flattering to any aesthetic and style of the room.