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Promote safety in your workplace with a Wall Mountable Clear Acrylic Shoe Cover Dispenser!

Fabricated with durable clear acrylic, this product is guaranteed to last even in a factory or warehouse environment where there are heavy machinery and bulk products. The crystal clear acrylic is not just for fashion but also serves a practical function! Thanks to it's perfect optical clarity, you, your employees, and fellow coworkers can easily see the shoe covers stored inside as well as check to see if it needs to be restocked.

The acrylic lid is attached to the whole unit by two clear acrylic hinges, making it exceedingly easy to open and close the dispenser. The laser cut circular hole in the front of the dispenser allows one to simple pull out the item they need without having to utilize the lid. To also help keep things organized, the front of the display has a large, colorful graphic to instruct workers to put on their protective gear! This model can be mounted onto a wall to preserve valuable table space but can stand freely on its own.