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Excellent for the work place or public spaces where cellphones are not permitted. The durable clear acrylic allows you to be able to view your device without having to open the container. Each compartment door comes with a cam lock and a set of two keys. All the locks and keys to each door are the same, meaning that there are no keys assigned to a specific lock. The locker is wall mountable only and is not ideal for freestanding on flat surfaces. You can use this cell phone locker at the office, public swimming pool, gyms, schools, clinics, hospitals, parks, events, government buildings, military facilities, and more! It has openings for charger cords so each phone can charge while it is in the locker. You can fit up to 3 cell phones per compartment.

Hardware and mounting brackets included. 

This ships fully assembled.

Product dimensions: 12" x 21" x 3.5"