18 Jun

One of the most fantastic characteristics about acrylic display is that they can last forever! As time goes on, you may not need your display for its original purpose. Here are some alternative ways to use your acrylic displays max! Overall, any of our display boxes and display cases can be used as storage box, acrylic risers, and a table top shelf. Items like that are always useful to help keep your home or workplace neat and organized.

Placing a 5-sided acrylic box on it's side will create a table shelf where you can place books, papers, figures, picture frames, perfumes, shoes, cosmetics, plants and more! Plants do especially well due to the clear acrylic allowing sun to pass through, creating a greenhouse effect for the plants to thrive in.

Clear acrylic boxes with shoe-box lids are not only cute and whimsical but versatile! You can store anything such as jewelry, cards, money, and other items. You can also incorporate the box as a part of your decor at home by displaying figures, collectables, and more! In addition, they make wonderful homes for plants!

The added bonus with acrylic boxes with shoe-box lids is that you get double the versatility. It really is a 2-for-1 product! Using the lid separately, you have a short and subtle display riser. This is a simple yet amazingly effective way to elevate your products or items, literally and aesthetically. This is ideal for collectable items, decor pieces, flower arrangements, and more! The base box can also be used in the same manner with the added bonus of adding items inside! Add flowers, lights, figurines, photos and more to create a small but alluring display. 

Just a few simple ideas to make the most of your display! By continuously using your display you are not only being green, you are also getting all your money's worth and beyond!

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