17 Mar

New equipment and designs are a constant need within the scientific and medical research fields. The details are exact to accommodate the controls and environment necessary for an experiment. Such controls could include light exposure. This acrylic box is specifically designed to create to create that control environment.

Black acrylic is completely opaque and doesn't allow any light to filter through the material. This is excellent for the conditions when light needs to be completely cut out from the experiment. For this particular design, it was essential that there be a laser cut whole on one of the sides to allow cables inside the box. To completely shut out any light, you have a black acrylic lid attached by hinges. The hinges allow you to open and close the lid smoothly. 

Some research project may require an extended period of time to process. This can also mean leaving things alone overnight. To prevent unwanted access that may compromise the experiment and create inaccurate results, a simple yet effect hasp lock is added to the door.

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