24 Aug

The progression of scientific discovery and advancement is often dependent on high quality and reliable tools. After all, the smallest imperfection could effect the results of an experiment. When custom tools are needed, it is even more crucial for all details to be made to perfection. 

This clear acrylic box was made custom with very specific instructions and design details. All the edges are sealed with a special adhesive to create a perfect water tight seam, as specifically requested for this project. Another detail included two holes at the bottom of the box set with two rubber stoppers. Finally, the entire unit is raised onto four solid clear acrylic cylinders, to allow room for the hose that will be attached through the holes. 

Visibility is another very important factor when conducting experiments. You need to be able to actually see any reaction and changes to jot them down in your research. Using clear acrylic allows you perfect optical clarity without any obstruction. Now you will be able to observe and study your experiment perfectly. In addition, acrylic is also a very durable material that can withstand various experiments and studies for an impressive amount of time.

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