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This beautiful clear spice rack will display your herbs and spices in your kitchen in a unique way. The design is made from clear acrylic. This shelf is a sleek way to display your everyday spices when you cook. This is made from clear acrylic material. Each set contains 3 individual wall mount shelves. You can arrange them any way you prefer. You can put these side by side or one above the other. You can also put these inside your kitchen pantries for more storage on the back of the door. They can also be mounted to the inside of a cabinet door. Two pre-drilled holes are available for mounting. This can also be used for other purposes. For example, nail polish, shampoos, lotions, oils and much more. This will make cooking easy and simple because you can grab the spices as you are cooking. The ends of the shelf are enclosed so the spices stay and will not slide off. Most other similar racks do not have this feature. Rack shelf size: 15 ?” x 2 ?” x 2” High, internal shelf width 1 ?” x 15”.

This will hold approximately 8 - 9 standard spice bottles depending on the size of the bottle. If the bottle is smaller you can fit more. The clear design is easy to tell when you will need to restock. Please note that herbs, spices and bottles are not included. Mounting hardware is not included. Be careful mounting these and make sure you have the appropriate screw length and size.